The Benefits of custom made cushions

So which style to choose? There are various custom cushion styles but the popular ones are:

  • Rectangle - simple, straight forward shape
  • Trapezoid - front edge wider than back edge
  • Multiple cushions - to cover a single seat
  • Custom shape - shaped to your template

There are additional styles of custom cushions listed below

  • Bespoke bed scatter cushions
  • Replacement cushions
  • Bespoke scatter cushions and covers
  • Custom sofa cushions
  • Personalised pillows and cushions
  • Made to measure bench cushions

Cost of custom made cushions

How are custom cushions measured?

The three most important and common measurements for accurate custom seat cushion are:

  • Width: Measured from left to right while facing your furniture.
  • Depth: Measured from Front to rear while facing your furniture.
  • Thickness (Height): This measurement is made from seat bottom to the desired height or cushion thickness.

So what to choose?

  • PLAIN EDGE - a simple design without piping
  • BOX PIPED - piped around horizontal edges
  • BUTTONED - for feather or fibre interiors
  • CUSTOM STYLE - to your own specification

Special request custom made cushions

It’s all about the style, feel, and look of custom made cushions