Sophia art styles

  • Floral, faux fur, velvet, embroidered sequins, small sewn on tiny mirrors
  • Exotic birds, contemporary, Appliqué, Bohemian hippie style
  • Paisley, Indian/Turkish ethnic
  • Personalised logo or photographic images
  • Beads, buttons, and bows
  • Regency stripes

Planning your very own custom made Sofia cushion

It’s all about the aesthetic feel

So which to choose?

Things to bear in mind when designing your new look

  • Identify your colour palette
  • Decide on the number of cushions to add
  • Choose the right mix of size and shape
  • Play with textures and material
  • Arrange them well

The background history of the cushion

What type of material should you use to make a custom made Sophia Cushion?

Easy steps to create your custom made Sophia cushion

  • Mark out fabric with a paper pattern to measure the size you want – 24” x 24”
  • Cut to size
  • Sew 3 sides using sewing machine
  • Attach a zipper
  • Add filling of your choice either polyester or feathers
  • Add your finishing cushion decorations

Adding your unique Sophia art